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Mar 13

Small Florida Bank Accounts – new laws don’t require probate

The Florida Legislature recently enacted new laws to enable family members to obtain small bank accounts without a court proceeding. While it is always a good idea to sit down with an attorney to review these and other estate issues, if the bank account or accounts qualify under these new laws, no court proceeding or attorney document preparation will be needed to obtain these funds.

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Apr 21

Remote Legal Services during Covid-19 home-stay requirements

Covid 19’s impact on Florida has brought new challenges to our provision of services and the services available through our local courts. We remain available to serve your legal needs, by Internet and Facetime and phone conferences and mail and email transmission of documents.  Regrettably, the often tragic consequences of Covid-19’s infection make it essential […]

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Jan 29

Wills protecting minor children – Why every parent should have one

Rarely do parents with minor children provide for their children with even a simple will or trust.  While our practice has involved the preparation of thousands of wills, only a few hundred in over 35 years of will and trust preparation have involved wills or trusts prepared for parents of minor children.  This isn’t because […]

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